How to help members afford healthcare

December 17, 2020
Josie Rasberry

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We know what you might be thinking, “I offer health insurance, I’m already helping members afford healthcare.” True, but there is always more you can do to make sure you’re offering quality affordable healthcare. It’s easy to help members afford healthcare, but is it healthcare they need? Is it located near them? Can they receive care when they need it? Below are tips to help you make sure you’re offering affordable healthcare.

Make sure you know how to help them find and understand healthcare.

The first step to choosing affordable healthcare is to know how to find healthcare and how to understand it. Read the tips in our previous two blogs first before diving into this one.

Give them the information they need, when they need it.

Provide members with price and quality data on providers in their area when they need care. Empower your members to assess the value provided by local providers and choose the best option for them. And provide the information in a way they can actually use it. This should be displayed in a clear platform that lets them compare options based on their needs.

Offer alternative care options.

Let’s say a member has a high deductible health plan and will end up paying out-of-pocket for a procedure. Do the right thing and point that member to the most affordable option for their care. If the member’s going to pay the majority of the bill, send them to an ambulatory surgery center where quality is as good but the price is affordable.

Also consider joining the 91% of insurers who cover chiropractic care, the 32% who cover acupuncture, and the 17% who cover massage therapy. Alternative care options can be the best choice for some, but because they’re not always covered, people avoid receiving treatment at all.

Medication discounts.

Point your members to websites like GoodRx or RxSaver to help them save on their medications. These are especially helpful for members with high deductible health plans or may not have a set copay for medications.

Payers have a responsibility to help their members make informed decisions that lead to affordable, quality care. As Jan Oldenburg shared in a recent podcast episode with us, good payers are ones that ask every day, “is this the best use of our members’ money? What would our member’s decision be on this issue?”

Download the Complete Guide to Retaining Health Plan Members.

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