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November 16, 2020
Josie Rasberry

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We all know healthcare isn’t fun, and probably never will be. After all, who likes being sick? But, healthcare should at the very least make patients feel better, not worse. Unfortunately, the current system too often causes fear and frustration from beginning to end for patients.

Matt Dale, our CEO, saw the same issues as everyone else and asked, “what can I do to make healthcare easier?” Matt had been working at his family’s company, The Karis Group, for years helping people to lower their medical bills. With his background in e-commerce, he also wondered why healthcare was still the only unshoppable industry.

Matt saw an opportunity to combine Karis’ 25 years worth of healthcare pricing data and significant healthcare navigation and bill negotiation experience with innovative technology and modern UX design to finally make it simple for patients to shop for healthcare.

That’s where we come in. Hi, we’re Point Health, and we’re a digital health startup that’s on a mission to make healthcare easy to find, easy to understand, and easier to afford. We are acquiring The Karis Group, and by combining their great team of patient advocates and our team of digital experts we’re creating an easy-to-use healthcare navigation and healthcare e-commerce platform. Our platform will provide one-stop shopping for healthcare needs, a medical marketplace offering price transparency, and empower patients to be engaged healthcare consumers.

“The consumer health experience needs an overhaul. This acquisition is very positive for both companies, but even better for our clients and their members who will use our new, digital-first healthcare navigation platform. Our easy-to-use technology will continue to push healthcare towards transparency, affordability, and simplicity.” — Matt Dale, CEO of Point Health.

During a time when the typical health insurance company loses an average of one-third of their members each year, member experience and retention is a critical issue to be resolved. The beta version of our new platform is available by request to health insurers, health cost sharing communities, employers, and other groups by reaching out to Hello@pointhealth.com. The full product is set to be unveiled in early 2021.

Make sure to sign up at www.pointhealth.com to stay up to date on our progress and be the first to get your hands on an easy, transparent way to shop for healthcare.

Point Health is an Austin, Texas-based digital health startup paving the way for major changes in the healthcare industry, primarily through a combined healthcare navigation platform and marketplace. The healthcare system in the U.S. is confusing to navigate, but Point Health is guiding patients towards healthcare that is easier to find, understand, and afford.

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