Six simple ways to add value to your health sharing community

March 11, 2021
Josie Rasberry

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Health sharing continues to grow as an innovative, non-insurance solution for managing healthcare costs. As your community grows, you need to ensure you’re adding value to your members so they stay with the community and become advocates for your brand. 

One of the first things you should do is analyze what services and features you can add to meet your members' needs. Of course, you also want to keep costs low. These two goals may sound like they’d be at odds with each other, but there are ways to add value without breaking the bank.

Free blogs and tips.

This is a really easy way to add value to your community for little to no money. Publish free blogs and resources to help people better understand your health sharing community. A brand consistently posting helpful content will stand out and help you grow your membership. Plus, your current members will appreciate the free education and advice from these materials! And don't forget to share these on social media, since that's where your members already are.

Cover alternative medicines.

As a health sharing community, you may already do this. But, are you making that common knowledge in your marketing? Review member data to identify popular alternative medicine options for your members and create specific marketing around that. If you don’t cover services like chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy, consider it. Doing so will make you stand out from the competition. Plus, these alternative medicines can be great preventative care methods. That means more affordable and easy healthcare for your members and lower costs for you.

Digital shop and compare tools.

In health sharing communities, it’s especially important for members to find affordable, quality healthcare. Not only for your whole community but for individual members too. Consider adding digital tools to help your members shop and compare thousands of medical services. They can find their ideal care based on location, specialty, and price through an easy-to-use digital platform. People increasingly expect digital tools to make their lives easier. Healthcare is no exception, so make sure you stay relevant by offering these capabilities.

Rewards programs.

People love games and competition. Try adding a reward program to your health sharing community that rewards members for completing healthy activities. Platforms like Rally offer goals that members can reach to receive gift cards! For example, if a member goes to the gym X number of times in a month, Rally will give them a $25-50 gift card to a retailer of their choice. You can advertise to potential new members that your community offers a rewards program that reimburses users for living a healthy lifestyle. 

Bill negotiation.

Sometimes members don’t go to the most affordable option for care. Sometimes people even avoid medical care because they’re afraid of how much it might cost. Calm these anxieties in potential and current members by offering bill negotiation services. If your internal team doesn’t have the ability to negotiate bills, contract a third-party patient advocacy service to do it for you! Not to brag, but our patient advocates get members an average bill reduction of 44%.

Direct primary care doctors.

This is another service that you might already cover, but if you don’t, you should! DPCs are a great way for members to stay healthy and it doesn’t break the bank for them or you. Members pay a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee to have access to their doctor at any time and for almost all services. DPC pairs very well with health sharing as it keeps members healthy and removes any financial disincentive to visit a doctor. That’s a pretty great perk to attract new members to your health sharing community. Many of our Point Health team members are part of a DPC practice and can’t stop raving about how much they love it.

Final thoughts.

At the end of the day, we’re all motivated by what we can get out of a situation. If you want to grow your health sharing community’s membership, you have to show potential members how you make their life better. You can do this by adding one or all of the services mentioned in this blog, and focus on what value it gives to members. 

Digital tools give members a fast, easy, and transparent way to find medical care. Bill negotiation saves members money. When you cover direct primary care, it gives members free, unlimited access to a doctor. The bonus to including these value adds to your health sharing community is that they come at little to no cost, but have a big impact for your members.

Download the Complete Guide to Retaining Health Plan Members.

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