Why is healthcare so expensive: introduction

October 8, 2020
Josie Rasberry

If only there was just one reason healthcare is so expensive; sadly, it’s a whole complicated web of pitfalls. So, we’re introducing a six part series to discuss the main components of the U.S.’s expensive healthcare system, and how we can improve it.

Some changes are large ones that will need an industry movement in how healthcare actually works, and some changes are smaller ones that individuals can do to decrease their own medical costs.

The contributors to expensive healthcare are also wide ranging in their subtopics. There are issues in the reimbursement models, lack of patient advocacy, complicated government policies, digital healthcare restrictions, basically nonexistent price transparency, human error, costly medications, and so much more. It sounds pretty overwhelming and bleak, but there are companies, movements, laws, and ordinary people making changes in healthcare already.

If we all educate ourselves on the causes of expensive healthcare, we can come up with solutions and challenge the status quo that has allowed the price tag on health to get so high. Join our thought leaders over the next six weeks as we answer the million dollar question: why is healthcare so expensive? Each week our thought leaders will publish a new blog covering a unique factor of healthcare costs and we’ll add a link to this post for easy access.

Part one: reimbursement models

Part two: lack of patient advocacy

Part three: high administrative costs

Part four: surprise medical billing

Part five: lack of price transparency

Part six: final thoughts

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